• Products : Cameras

    We provide CCTV camera, security CCTV camera and equipment which includes outdoor CCTV camera, IR CCTV camera, CCTV wireless camera, CCTV dome camera, Home security CCTV camera, CCTV camera security system etc ...

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  • Bio Metric

    We are all aware that the future of security surveillance Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique device.Deal4U is dedicated to the goal of providing high performance products that introduce features and capabilities.

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  • Fire Alarm

    We have fire alarm from this range like alarm, Smoke Alarm System, ASDS 4 Zone Fire Alarm System, D3D Security System Burglar Alarm Wireless, D3D Wi-Fi /GSM Security Alarm System, ASDS Conventional-Fire-Alarm-System etc ...

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  • Door Access

    We have cameras from this range like Soyal AR721H Door Access System, Soyal AR-725H Weatherproof Door Access System, G2000 Standalone Door Access System,Modal-GD-ACM-01 Door Access,Modal-GD-ACM-02 Door Access, Modal-GD-ACM-03 Door Access etc ...

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  • DVR : Elegant Series

    We provide DVRs like 3G/WIFI Supported 8 Channel Full D1 DVR, 3G/WiFi Supported Full D1 16 Channel, 3G/WiFi Supported 32 Channel DVR, H.264 Hexaplex 4CH Network Standalone DVR etc ...

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About Us

Deal4U Security Solution is Lucknow's popular provider of CCTV, Security System, Door access, Card access, Biometric System solutions. Our team — as well as all the dedicated members of the extended family who have gone before — have worked long and hard to consistently provide the very best in systems and services to our valued clients.


We are an established company with our own expert technicians to provide installation of CCTV, Security System, Card/Pin Door Access, Biometric, Audio/Video Intercom Systems and Internet Remote Viewing for multi locations such as houses, offices, hospitals, schools and colleges etc.


We have many customers throughout the country who keep coming back. We believe they come back because of plain and simple outstanding customer service. From our hardworking customer representatives, experienced technicians, and prompt delivery we want you to have a good experience right from the start.